Annual International Conference on Islamic Studies

Annual International Conference on Islamic Studies (AICIS) is a yearly agenda of the Ministry of Religious Affairs. Arranged by the Directorate of Islamic Higher Education, it provides a wider opportunity for researchers and lecturers to present and discuss their research findings on Islam. This year (2017) will be the 17th year for the Directorate to host the conference.

Call for paper has been responded enthusiastically by both domestic and overseas scholars who are interested in joining the conference this year. More than 1000 papers have been received by the committee, and 150 beeing identified eligible for presentation.

Approximately 1000 scholars will join the conference, both as presenters and audiences. The conference will last for four days, November 21 to 24, 2017, and will be conducted in Garuda Rooms, ICE BSD City, the same venue as the International Islamic Education Exhibition takes place, yet in separate rooms.

The theme of the conference this year is Religion, Identity and Citizenship, with the following sub-themes:
  1. Integration of Islam and science;
  2. Religion, environment and biodiversity;
  3. Sufism, spirituality and mental health;
  4. Transnational Islam and the threat of radicalism;
  5. Ethno-religious violence and conflict resolution;
  6. Sharia, identity politics and citizenship;
  7. Knowledge production, education and media;
  8. Religion and popular culture; and
  9. Philosopy, sacred texts and practices of truth.

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