International Conference on Pesantren Studies

Pesantren is an Islamic educational institution that has developed since Islam entered Indonesia. In general, this institution gives the teaching of the books of classical scholars, ranging from tafseer, hadith, fiqh, aqidah, tasawuf, to Arabic grammar (nahwu and sharaf). Various aspects of pesantren have long been the object of research, both by local and foreign scholars. However, there have not been many seminars on pesantren. Therefore, the Directorate of Education Diniyah and Pondok Pesantren will hold an International Seminar on Pesantren Studies. A number of experts on pesantren will be invited as resource persons, among others:

- Dr. Muhammad Thayyib (Sudan)
- Dr. Salim Alwan (Mufti Darul Fatah, Australia)
- Dr. Syekh Sa’ad Al Ajuz (Global University, Libanon)
- Dr. Fahdi Alamuddin (Jam’iyyah Al-Masyari, Libanon)
- K.H. Makruf Amin (Nahdlatul Ulama)
- Prof. Azyumarsi Azra (State Islamic University, Jakarta)
- Prof. Abdul A'la (State Islamic University, Surabaya).

The seminar will be held on 20 - 22 November 2017 at Indonesia Convention Exhibition, BSD City, Tangerang. .