International Islamic Education Exhibition (IIEE)

The exhibition will take place at Hall #1. The hall is 5000 msq, spacious enough to accommodate 250 booths. Arranged to last for four days from 21 to 24 November 2017, the expo will be enlivened by approximately 200 booths provided for participants from both domestic and overseas education institutions. In addition to the booths, there will be another space within the hall to place a big stage for daily performances.

The exhibition will open daily during the course of the four-day event, starting from 08.00 AM to 20.00 PM.

The booths will be divided into clusters:
Cluster for Islamic Universities;
Cluster for Overseas universities;
Cluster for Partner institutions;
Cluster for Foreign embassies;
Cluster for Pesantrens;
Cluster for Madrasahs;
Cluster for Islamic Education at Public Schools;
Cluster for Islamic Organisation;
Cluster for Units of the Ministry of Religious Affairs;
Cluster for Bazaars;