Opening Ceremony & Jakarta Declaration

The expo will be opened officially by Mr Pesident Joko Widodo on November 21, 2017. More than 5000 domestic and overseas guests will be invited to join the ceremony. It will take place in Nusantara Ballroom, a 4.000 sqm, spacius and luxurious room at the center of ICE main building, from 19.30 AM to 22.45 PM.

One of the most significant agenda within the opening ceremony is Jakarta Declaration. The main purpose of this agenda is to call the entire globe to live together in peace and harmony. The President of the Republic of Indonesia Mr. Joko Widodo will lead the call after delivering speech for the opening ceremony.

The significance of the call is that it is voiced from Indonesia which in fact is the country with the largest Muslim community in the world. Moreover, as it is declared at the Islamic Education Expo event, it is intended to convey a firm message to the world that education should have nothing to do with intollerance, radicalism and fundamentalism. Instead, education should be in the front line to promote peace and harmony.

Agenda of the Opening Ceremony

19.30 - 19.35Opening Statements by MC
19.35 - 19.45Indonesia Raya Song
19.45 - 20.00Qur`anic Verses Recitation
20.00 - 20.15Islamic Education Profile at a Glance
20.15 - 20.35Global Peace Declaration
20.35 - 20.55Speech by the Minister of Religious Affairs
20.55 - 21.10Islamic Education Awards
21.10 - 21.30Opening address by Mr President
21.30 - 21.40Pray
21.40 - 22.40Mini Orchestra
22.40 - 22.45Closing Statements by MC

Invited Guests

  • Mr. President & First Lady
  • Mr. Vice President & Wife
  • Minister of Religious Affairs and Wife
  • Ministers/Head of State Institutions
  • Overseas religious leaders
  • Overseas religious leaders
  • Overseas Ambassadors
  • Member of Commision VIII of House Representative
  • Commisioners
  • Community Leaders
  • Humanists
  • Head of Mass Media
  • Interreligious Leaders
  • Overseas Indonesianist
  • Partner Institution in Education
  • Officials of MORA Headquater
  • Coordinatorate of Islamic Higher Education Institutions
  • Head of MORA at Provincial Level
  • Head of Pesantren
  • 17th AICIS Participants
  • Head of MORA at District level (Jakarta, West Java & Banten)
  • Kabid Madrasah at MORA of provincial level
  • Kabid Pesantren at MORA of provincial Level
  • Kabid PAI at MORA of provincial level
  • Headmasters of Madrasah
  • Teachers of Madrasah in Jakarta, West Java & Banten
  • Supervisors of Madrasah in Jakarta, West Java & Banten