Vice Minister of Religious Affairs: AICIS 2024 Becomes The Right Forum for Redefining the Role of Religion in Facing the Humanitarian Crisis

Vice Minister of Religious Affairs: AICIS 2024 Becomes The Right Forum for Redefining the Role of Religion in Facing the Humanitarian Crisis

Semarang (Pendis)-The 23rd Annual International Conference on Islamic Studies (AICIS) which was held at the Walisongo State Islamic University (UIN), Semarang, Central Java, was officially opened by the Indonesian Vice Minister of Religion (Wamenag) Saiful Rahmat Dasuki, Thursday (1/2/ 2024) evening. The Vice Minister of Religion considers AICIS 2024 to be a strategic forum to define the role of religion in facing various current global situations.

"We hope that AICIS provides valuable insight into how we redefine the role of religion in the face of humanitarian crises. And how we can move forward towards a more peaceful, just, respectful world for all," he said.

Besides, the Vice Minister of Religion hopes AICIS with the theme 'Redefining the Roles of Religion in Addressing Human Crisis: Encountering Peace, Justice, and Human Rights Issues' is held, all parties can move forward to achieve peace, justice and mutual respect between each other. 

"Let us continue to maintain and encourage the spirit of open dialogue and mutual understanding, building bridges between beliefs, creating peace where individuals feel peace, feel justice and respect for their basic rights," he explained.

A similar hope was also expressed by the Director General of Islamic Education at the Ministry of Religious Affairs, Prof. Muhammad Ali Ramdhani. He encouraged AICIS to produce joint agreements to overcome global humanitarian problems. "AICIS is not only an exclusive and theoretical academic forum, but also an academic forum that also offers solutions to various global crises," said the figure who is familiarly called Kang Dhani.

This hope is motivated by the increasingly deteriorating condition of world peace in various parts of the world. The ongoing war in the Middle East region has claimed tens of thousands of lives. Likewise, the condition of the Russia-Ukraine conflict has not shown any signs of ending the war. The worrying condition of the Rohingya has resulted in many refugees.

"The above phenomenon has caused a global humanitarian crisis due to the loss of religious morality which has been the control for attitudes and actions carried out by humans," said Dhani.

Also present at the AICIS 2024 opening ceremony were the Director of Islamic Religious Higher Education, Prof. Ahmad Zainul Hamdi, the Head of the HDI Bureau of the Ministry of Religious Affairs, Akhmad Faizin, the AICIS 2024 Steering Committee, Prof. Mukhsin Jamil. Apart from that, the Acting Governor of Central Java was also present, represented by the Assistant for Economics and Development of the Central Java Regional Secretary, Sujarwanto Dwiatmoko, the Chancellors of PTKIN and PTKIS throughout Indonesia, religious leaders and hundreds of international Islamic academics.

AICIS 2024, which will be held on 1-4 February 2024, will bring together hundreds of international Muslim intellectuals to formulate solutions to various global humanitarian problems and will be broadcast live on the Indonesian Ministry of Religion's YouTube